My name is Ayisha and welcome to my portfolio Website. I’m of the Undergraduate Department of Arts and Humanities at California State University-Dominguez Hills, and currently studying print design, intro to programming concepts, and web design. Thank you for visiting, and if you have any questions or inquires, please feel free to contact me.

Life With The Web5

Admit it: print design is crazy ridiculous; Web Design? Not so much. With print we’re always dealing with some sort of dimension, grid or page that give our design height and depth, texture and weight, and feeling. But none of that transfers over onto the web, and that’s what restricts a web designer’s ability to produce a crazy ridiculous webpage. Of course, it’s possible to create one, but the nature of the web just doesn’t allow for a whole lot of creativity. Think about it. Websites are seen through a window, so we’re seeing a small portion of a page as opposed to taking in an entire cover of a book; the layout of print design is constant, so where the text and the images are placed will not be altered to any given page size, whereas the web alters our designs to fit different devices.